DANS avontuur

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Online CI / Dance classes with Sebas van Wetten

Tuesday evening

Online classes as long as we cannot dance in the studio
- a temporal follow up of the Utrecht Contact-Improvisation classes with Sebas van Wetten.
Tuesday evening via Zoom.

About these online classes

- We will practice movements that we can share later on with a partner;
- We will really dance together even if we are in different houses.
- Although we cannot touch each other via our screen, we will connect and interact as if we where in the same studio.

Creative inspiration.
CI/Dance technique.
Connecting with others.

In the classes Sebas will offer some physical input and creative inspiration to explore and learn new movements.
For the work with a partner, we build up the interaction so that we get connected more and more, even via the screen. You can really get the feeling that you share a dance with someone.


We also practice some techniques to keep us fit for dancing and expand our movement possibilities:
- CI-techniques that you can practice solo or on distance;
- floor techniques to learn to move easier up and down.

And of course we share the joy of moving together with some nice music.

Sebas uses in his teachings his specific knowledge of the moving body (as a dancer and as physiotherapist). In his classes he guides you to sense some specific aspects of your moving body. Over time this will improve the easiness and grace of your movements.
He builds up the exercises in small steps and with helpful images, so that every one can learn something each time.


And of course we do a nice warming up, to arrive more in our bodies and out of the daily thoughts and actions. And we share the joy of moving together with nice music.
Via a gradual transition at the end of the class, we can find ourselves in our home again, nourished by movements and connections.

- See you next week.


The classes are open for all levels.

The classes are at your own risk. Read more..




Every Tuesday, 20:00    (Amsterdam time)
At least until 30 June 2020

Look in the calendar for actual dates



Please pay in between € 10 and € 15 per class.

Pay what it is worth for you.
You can also pay afterwards.

  • Please always mention also your FIRST NAME .
    And add "online CI Tuesday" + class date(s)
  • Bank account: IBAN: NL38INGB0001192727
    From: SWJ van Wetten, Amersfoort


Log in Details for Zoom

To join these classes, the best is to first install Zoom on your computer or tablet/phone.

Join Zoom Meeting:



Or use these in Zoom
Meeting ID: 821 0825 2038
Password: cremerdans





na de crisis hopelijk weer verder met lessen in de studio:

Contact-Improvisatie : dinsdag (Cremerstraat)

met beginners- en gevorderden-deel

bij deze dansvorm dans je met één of meerdere partners en wisselen leiden/volgen elkaar steeds af. Door elkaar steeds èrgens te blijven aanraken kun je heel direct op elkaar reageren. Daardoor ontstaat er een spel van zwaartekracht, balans, wrijving en impuls.
.... lees verder

Ieder kan op zijn eigen nivo meedoen en vandaaruit nieuwe dingen leren; plezier en uitproberen staan voorop.
In de danslessen is er veel ruimte om met elkaar te dansen.
Iedere ontmoeting is een klein dans‑avontuur


Zie de de Dansavontuur-agenda voor een overzicht van alle lessen, jams en workshops van Sebas en van een aantal collega's in Utrecht.


En zie voor helder overzicht van de meeste CI-events in heel Nederland, deze agenda: amsterdamjam.nl/calendar .